2020 IMSH Planner
Welcome to the IMSH 2020 Course Planner Make Your Reservations Here
  • Sign in below using the email address you used to register for IMSH.
  • Once signed in, you can review the course listing by searching by keywords, session type, date, course title, or course number.
  • Once you find a course that you would like to add to your schedule, select the "+Add Session" button.
  • If you receive the notification "You already have a session in your itinerary at the same time" you must remove the previously scheduled course.
  • To remove a session from your schedule, you must select, “Home/My sessions”, select the session you wish to remove, and tap “Remove Session”, and click on the " - Remove Session".
  • To view your selected courses, select “Home/My Sessions”.
  • You MUST use this reservation scheduler to reserve your seat in all courses you wish to attend. Seats for all courses are limited, and if you are not holding a reservation you will be denied access to the course.
  • We recommend building your schedule as soon as possible.
  • All course evaluations are sent based on session room scans. To receive credit for the courses you attend, they MUST be added to your schedule and you MUST be holding a seat in the session to be scanned into the room.
  • Course evaluations will be available immediately following each session.
  • Immersive and Preconferenc courses are only available to those who have registered for these sessions at an additional cost.